Renovation Project

Blake Memorial Library is undergoing a renovation project after many years of planning by a group of hardworking, dedicated volunteers. The main focus of the renovation will be to increase the accessibility of the library by adding an elevator, updating the staircase, and installing a second bathroom downstairs. The project will also include creating a new circulation desk and office for the staff, painting, installing new carpet, replacing windows, and updating light fixtures.

The library will be closed from December 24th to March 30th. UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, the library will be closed until further notice.

While we are closed for renovations, we will be offering a limited service “mini-library” at the East Corinth Congregational Church across the street, starting Thursday, Jan 2nd. The hours are Wednesday from 2-5 pm and Thursday from 9 am to Noon. We will have two laptops and a printer/copier for use. We will also have a book cart of new titles for all ages available to checkout. Books can be returned at this location during open hours on Wednesday and Thursday. Inter-Library Loan will not be available during this time. Story Hour will continue on Thursdays at 10 am (starting on Thursday, January 9th) at the church, thanks to our incredible volunteers, Wendy and Julia. A big thank you to the church for allowing us to use their space.  UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, the mini-library at ECCC is now closed.

We are also arranging with the contractor to keep the WIFI going so it can be accessed in the parking lot while we are closed. It may need to be temporarily shut off from time to time while electrical work is done, but it should be available for most of the renovation.

Also note: books currently checked out can be returned to the mini-library at the East Corinth Congregational Church on Wednesday afternoons or Thursday mornings, or they can be kept and returned when we re-open in March. Please ignore any system-generated messages stating books are past due. They are not considered late and no late fees will ever be charged. UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, we are asking all books be held onto until we reopen. Please stay tuned for announcements. 

Renovation Update:

The boxes are unpacked, the shelves are being organized, and the new furniture is coming in. See below for a few photos of how it is currently shaping up.

Week #5 Update:

The light fixtures are hung, the shelves are in, and the circulation desk has been built out. The tiling and carpeting are in. The elevator is being installed this week and final touches are being made. Its is looking bright and beautiful. The WIFI and water are on and available in the parking lot. 

Week #4 Update:

A slight construction delay was discovered when the old chimney and furnace were removed and a small oil spill was discovered. Testing and removal of the contaminated soil was required. Pipes for ventilation were laid and gravel was poured to cover the area. This has put us approximately one week behind schedule but was important to take care of appropriately. Meanwhile, the drywall is getting put up and mudded, and the electrician is hard at work on wiring.

Week #3 Update:

The carpet is gone. The framing for the staff office, upstairs bathroom, and the new stairs is done, and work on the elevator shaft has begun. The old furnace and chimney have been removed, and the last heat pump unit has been installed. Things are moving along at BML, and it is getting very exciting! Please note, at this time, the water has been shut off for plumbing work, so no water is available at our outside faucet. We will try our best to keep you posted as soon as it is turned back on.

Week #2 Update:

Our incredible contracting crew has been hard at work doing interior demolition and the project is currently on schedule. See progress photos below. We will continue posting updates here on the progress, so make sure to check back regularly.

Below is a gallery of “Before” photos of our beloved library.