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“The View” Brandon Burmeister, Corinth, VT  Age: 20


















“The Year of Treading” Brenna Colt, Wilder, VT












Poem Marjorie Moorhead, Lebanon, NH Age: 60
I Failed in the Break-Out Room on Zoom Today
coronavirus diary XI 4/9/2020

Come on Zoom, take me away!
Pull me to a land of connection
where people make bread with
perfection and lovingly share
their secrets of a good bake.
Come on Zoom, connect me with others
who are reading the book I had set aside
and now can read and discuss
with pride, keeping up with a schedule.

But, oh…the embarrassment: I let it slide.
Am now a good 100 pages behind.
Zut alors! I won’t show my face on Zoom
for this book group anymore.
Best to stick to other’s speeches.
Be audience member for a he/she/they
that teaches. Just a passive patch on the Zoom
quilt screen; one of many faces
in a living room scene.
I’ll mute my mic
and listen passively.
I’ll be amused “by remote”;
ie. Remotely

Painting by Rachael Collette, Corinth, VT Age: 17












Illustrations by Todd Renninger, White River Junction, VT Age: 47




























The Following drawing and 4 photos are by Chris Esten, Newbury, VT Age: 62
“Full Bloom”














“Pandemic Social Circle”









“Safety Cone”















“4th of July Wells River”

“4th of July – So. Ryegate”













The Following Drawing and Paintings are by Jill Stein, Newbury, VT Age: 64