Calling all Mystery lovers!! Our Winter/Spring Book Discussion Series is titled – “A Mysterious Lens On American Culture.” Facilitated by Suzanne Brown. Next Discussion – 5/20 – on “Indian Killer,” by Sherman Alexie @ 4:30 on Zoom

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“A killer has Seattle on edge. The serial murderer has been dubbed “the Indian Killer” because he scalps his victims and adorns their bodies with owl feathers. As the city consumes itself in a nightmare frenzy of racial tension, a possible suspect emerges: John Smith. An Indian raised by whites, John is lost between cultures. He fights for a sense of belonging that may never be his—but has his alienation made him angry enough to kill? Alexie traces John Smith’s rage with scathing wit and masterly suspense.

In the electrifying Indian Killer, a national bestseller and New York Times Notable Book, Sherman Alexie delivers both a scintillating thriller and a searing parable of race, identity, and violence.” -goodreads

The 3rd book in the series explores The Amish Community through the lens of a Mystery – “Blood Of The Prodigal,” by P.L. Gaus.
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“In Holmes County, Ohio—home to the largest Amish and Mennonite settlements in the world—mystery and foreboding lurk in the quiet Old Order Amish community led by Bishop Eli Miller.

The illusion of peace is shattered one early morning when a young Amish boy goes missing—abducted from his home and from Bishop Miller’s care. At first, the bishop suspects the child’s father, who was exiled from the Old Order ten years ago, but a murder soon casts doubt on the bishop’s theory. With a strong distrust of law enforcement and the modern “English” ways, the bishop must put his faith in an unlikely partnership with Professor Michael Branden before it’s too late. With the help of the peaceful pastor Cal Troyer and the reckless Sheriff Bruce Robertson, Branden plunges headlong into the closed culture to unravel the mystery of the missing child and uncover truths many would prefer to leave undisturbed.” – Good Reads

The 2nd book in the series is “Ritual Bath,” by Faye Kellerman

Join us to discuss this Mystery/Thriller/Romance written by Faye Kellerman.
“A report of rape in a Los Angeles yeshiva brings police detective Peter Decker into an insular Orthodox Jewish community, but the strict religious practices and customs of the community prevent him from following his standard investigative procedures.” – Google Books

The first book is “Blanche Cleans Up,” by Barbara Neely. 2/25 @ 4:30
“Tart-tongued and shrewd, Blanche is unique in the field of amateur sleuths: a queen-sized, middle-aged black woman rooted in working-class America. In her latest adventure Blanche gets suckered into standing in as cook-housekeeper to Allister Brindle, a Boston Brahmin politician, and his do-gooder wife. Blanche is quickly enmeshed in a scandal that moves from the Brindles’ house (a.k.a. Prozac House) to her own black community as she tries to figure out the truth behind the death of a young black man. Hot on the trail, she encounters a love triangle with bent angles, teen pregnancy, phony spirituality, and at least one person who doesn’t mean her any good.

In Blanche, Barbara Neely has created a heroine to cheer for-and Blanche Cleans Up will thrill not only ardent Blanche fans and mystery buffs, but also anyone eager to explore a new neighborhood with a feisty, funny black woman as their guide.”

“In these mysteries, mayhem and murder play out against a cultural/ethnic backdrop – illuminating more than simply whodunnit.”
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Discussions will take place on the following Fridays @ 4:30: 2/25, 3/18, 4/22, and 5/20. Just click on this Zoom link to join us – “Blake” is the passcode –

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