We Now offer Kanopy: Free Movies, Classes, and Kids Entertainment

We have Exciting News!!!

We’ve just added the Video/Course/Family Programming streaming platform: Kanopy to our Library Offerings!

Free to patrons, Kanopy’s unique selection offers something for everyone, from award winning indie films to important and timely documentaries, to foreign films, popular cinema, children’s shows and more.  They also offer the Great Courses Series as well as a complete selection of Kids’ specific videos, courses, and other programming.

Here’s how it works (be sure to read these directions thoroughly):

  1. Sign up for an account using your Blake Memorial Library Card by visiting: https://blakememorial.kanopy.com/. 
  2. If you need your card number, please let us know; we’re happy to get that information to you!
  3. Once you’ve created an account, search, explore, and find the things you want to watch.
  4. You will have access to 3 movies, 1 course, and unlimited Kids’ programming each month.
  5. NOTE: Your movie credits get used/deducted after 5 seconds of play for any movie you pick. So, do a little research and hit “PLAY” only on the titles you’re sure you want to watch. Kanopy is in the process of adding previews. It may be a while before those are up, so use another free service (such as YouTube) to preview the film before viewing.
  6. Movies: Once you’ve selected a movie to play you have 72 hours to finish it (or watch it again and again and again). Once the 72 hour period is up, if you choose to watch it again it will incur another play credit.  Remember, you only have 3 a month.
  7. Great Courses: Once selected, you will have 30 days to complete a Course, even if that time period spans the end/beginning of a month. You will have access to one Course a month, though your course doesn’t have to finish prior to beginning another one if a new month begins in that time.
  8. Kids’ and Family Features: You have unlimited access to the Kids/Family videos, courses, and programming. This resets monthly, so start your viewing early and watch as much as you want/can during that time period. You do not have to use your Kids/Family access if you don’t want to!

Many of Kanopy’s videos are not available on Netflix or any other streaming video platform, and the experience is easy-to-use and completely advertisement free. Kanopy continues to add videos in a wide range of subject areas, so be sure to browse the catalog regularly for new titles. 

The most popular titles on Kanopy in 2020 by genre include the following:

  • Comedy: What We Do in the Shadows  
  • Horror: Midsommar  
  • Drama: The Bookshop  
  • Documentary: I Am Not Your Negro  
  • Foreign Language: Seven Samurai  
  • Classic: Dial M for Murder  
  • Romance: The Tomorrow Man  
  • Animation: Loving Vincent   
  • Short: The Phone Call 
  • Sci-Fi: Under the Skin  
  • Thriller: Eye in the Sky 
  • Kids: Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus 
  • Series: Alone 
  • Miniseries: Roots  

We look forward to your feedback on this new offering!

Please reach out to tell us what you think at blakemem@tops-tele.com.