DAY of THE DEAD MOVIE – “COCO” @ 6:00 on Nov. 2nd. JOIN US for the FUN-LOVING MOVIE that teaches us about this Special Mexican Holiday which celebrates and honors our ancestors and loved ones that have passed on.

We will also have an “Ofrenda” (altar) set up during library hours and Movie-time, where you can put a photo of a loved one (animals included) and light a candle in their honor.

Movie is rated PG and is 105 minutes.
Here’s the link to the trailer – 

“Disney’s movie “Coco” is equal parts magic, family fun, and the deep emotional education fans have come to expect from a Pixar film. The movie follows the young Miguel, an aspiring musician forced to hide his love of playing guitar due to a deep-rooted family “curse.”

Miguel confronts Abuelita’s determination to stifle his musical dreams and accidentally enters the Land of the Dead on the evening of Dia de los Muertos. Miguel is then in a race against the clock as his journey among the dead leads to him uncovering the secrets of his family’s history.

“Coco” deftly handles the terrain of Dia de los Muertos by using convincing character exposition to reach any viewer unfamiliar with the Mexican holiday and its traditions. As Miguel comes to understand the deeper meaning of celebrating his ancestors, “Coco” explores death, the afterlife, and the concept that those we’ve loved and lost aren’t truly gone until we stop remembering them.

As fans and critics alike have come to expect from a Pixar movie, the animation and world-building in “Coco” is breathtaking. From the opening sequence’s vibrant use of papel picados to the illustrious Land of the Dead, the colors and textures featured throughout the movie will leave you in awe.

“Coco” is also being praised for its authentic representation of Mexican and Latino culture without becoming derivative or engaging with stereotypes in a disingenuous way.” – Insider