Day of the Dead Celebration – Nov 2nd

The library will host a Day of the Dead Celebration on Saturday, Nov.2nd @ 10:00 am This Mexican celebration is a beautiful way to come together and remember our loved ones who have passed on.  For this celebration we will have an “Ofrenda” (an Offering Table or altar) beautifully decorated with flowers, fruit, sugar skulls and candles.  We ask everyone to bring in a photo of a loved one that has died (can also be a pet and/or ancestor) to put on the Offering Table.  Everyone will be able to light a candle and share a little bit about their loved one if they wish.  After the candle lighting we will share the traditional “Pan de Muertos” (Bread of the Dead) and Mexican hot chocolate as we enjoy looking at everyone’s photos. If you want to make sugar skulls to bring to the event here is a link for instructions –  If you want to learn more about this festive, beautiful celebration here are a couple links –, We hope all ages will come and share this special event with us.  The celebration will be facilitated by Kimberly Hotelling (Assistant Librarian and previously a Spanish teacher and Veronica Graham – of Mexican descent).