DATE CHANGE! CALLING ALL DOG LOVERS! WOOF! WHAT’S THE DOG SAYING? Dog Communication Workshop – DATE CHANGE to Sat. April 27th @ 3:30-5:00

Is a yawn always just a yawn? Why does a dog shake off even when it’s not wet? Why is a growl a good thing? Is a tail wag always friendly?
This popular, long-running dog communication and safety lecture is a multi-media extravaganza of fun where the audience also gets to test their “dog reading” skills. We’ll demystify dog communication, reveal some common dog-human misunderstandings, and explore how we can all live safely and happily together.  At the end of the presentation, the audience engages in several fun, interactive exercises to practice reading dog body language. Participants will also enjoy exclusive free access to a carefully curated online resource of supplementary learning materials.

Presentation by Deb Helfrich of Gold Star Dog Training

“We were blown away by the turn out that
came to listen to her speak and by the
information she so easily communicated to the
crowd…and understood! Deb, has a special
way with words and communicating her
opinion on dog behavior to people. I found
myself walking away with more knowledge
and understanding than I had with so many
past seminars. We will definitely be inviting
her back to share more of her knowledge with
our community!”
—Humane Society of Chittenden County