DATE CHANGE!! 6 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL KITCHEN GARDEN DESIGN: What to Plant & Why Heirlooms Truly Matter – Monday, April 25th @ 6:30 on Zoom (no longer the 11th) – Join us for a GARDEN TALK with VT Author ELLEN OGDEN

Ellen’s talk is based on her new book –
“The New Heirloom Garden”
You will learn her six steps to kitchen garden design,
be inspired to grow heirloom varieties, and discover how easy it is to become a seed saver. This lecture will change the way you think about your vegetable garden, inspiring an eye toward beauty, and helping you create a structure that turns your work into play. Click on this link to join us at 6:30 on Zoom – The Passcode is “Blake”

Because food gardens are more important than ever, this talk is ideal for gardeners seeking to grow the best-tasting vegetables, the most fragrant flowers and add structure to their kitchen garden design. Learn the six steps to successful kitchen design, based on classic European Potagers, and what to grow for old-fashioned charm.

Tasting food pulled from the ground, twisting off a green stem, or picking up an apple dropped from a tree at the peak of ripeness is the way I wish we all ate. I may lure you to try something new from my garden, but digging deeper in search of heirloom varieties, those delicate fruits, fragrant flowers, and open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, is the secret to unearthing your own favorites.

In this talk, you will take home design ideas for your kitchen garden, featuring heirloom designs and plants from Ellen’s new book, “The New Heirloom Garden.” Learn why growing heirlooms matters for preserving diversity, flavor, and the legacy of seed saving. Deepen your connection to the wide diversity of plants that you can only grow in your kitchen garden.